Who We Are

The goal of the Thomassen Law Group is to show our clients how to eliminate the debts owed in a way that is legally and socially acceptable, and to remain the leader in FREE Consultations.

Anyone who has a heart beat knows that you have to spend money to make money. When you begin a FREE Consultation one of our analysts we will show you how to get some of that money back, in the form of debt management that will help you avoid bankruptcy.

The creditors that lend to consumers expect them to make monthly payments to pay down the interest and debt rightfully owed to them by the consumers and businesses. In the event that a consumer or business fail to make a payment or appears to no longer be able to afford to make anymore payments-the creditors then come after the borrowers.

That’s where the Thomassen Law Group comes in. We show you how easy it is to become debt free again.

About Marilyn Thomassen

Marilyn Thomassen began her International Law career 20 years ago in Salzburg, Austria. She has experience in a variety of areas of Civil Law, including Personal Injury, Construction, Bankruptcy, Business, Insurance, and Municipal Law. Ms. Thomassen’s strength is in complex cases of liability with substantial injury. She has handled a wide range of cases involving large corporations, insurance companies and munipalities. Ms. Thomassen prides herself in her unwavering loyalty and commitment to clients and to the success of their cases.