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Whether you want to file for bankruptcy, seeking a debt relief option, or are just looking for legal advice about your situation, it is a good idea to speak with a lawyer.

Our attorney’s and debt analyst can identify important legal consequences that may affect you, provide you with options, and give you advice about your next course of action. In many cases, even a brief meeting with our attorneys can set your mind at ease and move you towards a positive resolution.

At Thomassen Law Group we know that selecting an attorney may seem like a daunting task, for this reason we created this guide to outline the steps you will need to make to the process manageable.

Are you in need of legal help for a family matter?

If so the Family Law practice area at Thomassen Law Group is lead by an experienced team of attorneys. Our Family Law team understands that their clients are dealing with difficult life changing experiences. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through these situations in the fastest and easiest way possible all the while still focused on accomplishing the core results.

  • Marriage Dissolution
  • Asset Division
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Mediation

Generally, we prefer for negotiated settlement solutions, however if our team should face stern opposition you can rest assured that you have the most experienced, assertive and determined representation if the issue should need to go before a court of law.

Have You Ever Been Injured In A Car Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident or have experienced any other type of injury such as a dog bite, a fall or collision, the Thomassen Law Group can help. Our teams of experienced legal professionals understand that in life accidents happen, when they do, our job is to protect you (our client) in the event someone should not accept responsibility for their actions, or to limit damages and help you recover.

Get the results you’re looking for with the Thomassen Law Group. Our attorneys are in court almost every day fighting for our clients who have been in accidents and now need legal assistance. We are a team of experienced professionals who will not take the easy way out and settle you’re case, or shy away from going to trial when necessary. We have a network of doctors and who can help you recover quickly. We work closely with insurance companies and understand how to get them to fix or pay for damages.

Fill out the online form and we will review your case, get the largest possible recovery you are entitled to, under the law.

  • Auto and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Animal Bites
  • Broken bones
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Government claims
  • Head injuries
  • Whiplash

If anyone is not treating you fairly, we are a tough team of Litigators, and we may take your case to Trial, letting a court system inform your adversaries they need to pay for your damages.

Get a FREE (Live) confidential Consultation by calling us today at (866) 450-1440 or fill out our online form for a FREE Live Chat Question and Answer session. We are more than willing to review your personal injury claim and explain your options, online or over the phone.

Why use a Law Firm, and specifically, our Law Firm, to negotiate for you in this regard?

Although the process of resolving debt is commonplace today (commonly known as “Debt Settlement,”) very few law firms specialize in this area of the law. Conversely, there are hundreds of what are referred to as “third-party,” non-attorney based settlement firms advertising for your business. Many have advertisements on radio and television which you may have heard offering their services… however, when one carefully listens to the spoken disclaimers or sees the fine-print on their television advertisements; one will discover that their services are not offered in all fifty states.


Because as of today, thirty-four state Attorneys General will not allow an unbonded or uninsured “third-party,” non-attorney based settlement firm, or Consumer Credit Counseling firm, to conduct business in their state. This is an expensive process and most firms are without a provable bond or performance surety. In South Carolina, the Attorney General of that state will only allow a licensed attorney to act in this capacity.

That should lead you to ask, “Why?” What do the chief law enforcement officers of these states know that you do not… and why do they restrict third-party, non-attorney based firms from doing business with the citizens of their state without a performance bond or surety insurance in place?

Should you speak to one of these firms and they cannot show such a bond or surety, as most cannot, you should consider that to be an immediate “Flashing Red Light” right off the bat urging you to be cautious.

These Attorneys General understand that the overall majority of these firms ARE NOT attorney based, and because of that, cannot legally represent you. When you speak to these firms, a great many of them will seek to offset your fears that they lack this critical distinction by employing talking points in an effort to “soft soap” the fact that they are not attorneys.

Oftentimes, they will represent that they “…have attorneys that work for them,” or say, “We will take care of that for you.” Words to this effect are disingenuous and you must take caution. If you do not sign a “Retainer Agreement” with them, then they are not attorneys and because of that they CANNOT represent you in any legal matters that may come up, as they sometimes will.

Using a non-attorney based, “third-party” firm to negotiate with your creditors gives you absolutely no protection under the 1996 Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Everyone has the best intentions when they start off, but eventually you will probably find yourself heading at high speed into a brick wall.

This is why you should always retain a Law Firm to stand between those with their hands out for your money and your current limited resources.

Using an attorney gives you specific and favorable protections under the law, specifically the 1996 Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Why do you use this firm… The Thomassen Law Group?


Recently, the Thomassen Law Group associated with one of the nation’s largest and most respected law firms specializing in this form of law. We are now a partnership of legal professionals with a combined legal history of over one-hundred and fifty years between all of us. Some of our attorneys have been negotiating with lenders and creditors for over the past eighteen years, making us one of the most experienced firms in this specific branch of law. We know your creditors well and your creditors know us quite well… and more importantly, they have learned to respect us.

We advise you to be quite cautious and vigilant when someone has their hand out for your business. At first, when they approach you, these firms may sound wonderful with a convincing presentation structured to sound like the answer to your prayers.

However, as most learn in life, the most “dangerous question” is the question that we are never even aware that we were supposed to be asking, such as… can they legally be there for you in the event you will need legal representation? Will that cost extra, if they even can arrange representation for you? … A lot extra?

Now look at it from another perspective: What authority governs these firms?

What if you have a complaint with them? Do they answer to a higher governing authority? The answer to that is a resounding “NO.” The best they can offer you is that they are members of a self-congratulating, self-conceived confection of an oversight organization. All of these “oversight organizations” have no “teeth” to enforce their mandates, as they are all self-created by the very people they are supposed to govern. This is, in effect, like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.

Every single attorney, on the other hand, answers to an individual with exceptionally sharp teeth: the Attorney General.

This should tell you something very clearly… and if you suspect that it is something along the lines that no attorney with a room temperature I.Q. or higher is going to jeopardize his law license and disbarment by being disingenuous with you.

Then you would be absolutely correct.

If the above makes sense for you to explore further, then please arrange an initial cost free consultation with one of our associates about discussing what your best financial options are and to see if that includes a amicable solution between your creditors and yourself.